How I built a Security Question & Answer Knowledge Base

How I built a Security Question & Answer Knowledge Base

A tool that I discovered and implemented in FormAssembly back in November 2021 is Safebase.

It took me around 6 months to build this knowledge base out. For the amount of questions and answers that I've built over time for the knowledge base, please scroll down.

Most of the questions I can't show in the blog post.

1440 Security Questions and Answers

There are three access levels
  • Internal items will only be visible for Organization Members who login to Safebase These items are not meant for customer/prospect visibility. [These are used by Sales & Customer Success Personnel to perform the first pass through answer a security questionnaire before sending to the InfoSec team to finish the questionnaire.]
  • Private items will be visible to external users after they have had their access approved, and any NDAs are signed as necessary. These items are meant for customer/prospect visibility, but for the general public.
  • Public items will be visible to anyone who visits a public URL of a Trust Center. These items are meant to be shared with anyone, and should not contain sensitive information